Evolution Emergency Alert!!!

Our Founder

Ken Elkind

  • After a near death experience, Ken was enlightened to the power of music, which had kept him alive.  This power was felt strong at the Venice Beach Drum Circle. The energy of music.rehabilitation was felt.  The ability to take our  musical instinct globally became an obvious need, allowed by our  technical ability.  

Drummer for life!

By having spent his childhood developing independence of limbs for drumming skills, Ken's brain had been well connected enough to hold it together when shaken so violently!

Technology enables

The evolution of technology has made the fact that we're all on One planet common knowledge.  What we can now do with this knowledge is up to us humans!!  I say we're here to evolve.  This evolution will happen as the obvious needs become apparent.  I believe our communication abilities will again be the evolutionary focus.  Since we now have the genetic ability to choose a genetic tendency.  As the sole voice of Groovism (others are welcome) I say we find the chromosome that gives us perfect pitch, this will allow for the international language of music to be more clearly understood, developed, and formalized.  Perhaps a new brain node could be developed, & surgically implanted?  I'm speculating well beyond anywhere near where we presently are, but I say these matters will hopefully be discussed & technically decided upon in some mass deductible way.  It's been shown that masses best come to the logical, mathematical, or moral decisions