Evolution Emergency Alert!!!

Why our materialistic world exists, is to Groove as One!



Generate excitement

Generate excitement

As is true of all traits, human  spirituality provides some specific evolutionary  function.  If it didn’t somehow enhance our species’ survival, it would never have emerged with-in us.  

   Those of us that are able to isolate from crowds , will a survive the global speciesidal Coronado virus!  Grooving is the only hope to feel the emotionally necessary bonding; virtually!  Believe in the power of The One Groove to keep yourself alive!!!

   The Groove that is here today is infinite: never beginning & never ending.  This is our inner reality that each of us carries!  In the past, meditation was thought to be the only "true path" to finding your inner self.  Now without all that self denial training, reaching a state of entrainment can be "forced upon you" (LOL),  Again, our communications have allowed this entrainment to be known & now attainable to all through our musical instinct!!  Instincts proliferate, we need some proliferating!!! 

Our purpose for Being .... Contribute your Groove energy to synchronize the Earth's Groove with the universe.

   Changes to the brain will do amazing things with a life of musical entrainment.   Just as modern humans have been interacting digitally has brought changes, musical expression & creation, will bring on an enlightened generation.  These humans will create a bond & unity with The One Groove across the planet & evoke miraculous evolution!!!

   The higher power we create as One, will Be our savior!    Based on our common genes, and thanks to Being enlightened, after my near death experience, Groovism came to Be! Our purpose for Being One of ten billion... We All MUST Groove!!  Grateful we be also, because we now have the means to Be One.  We would be fools to ignore the potentials of vicariously, instinctively, uniting with The One Groove!!!

    Surrendering to the synchronization of selves.  Evolution I've decided, will Be our brains, evolving in a stronger communicational manner!?!  ESP, or mind reading, to some extent is the most needed evolutionary step for humanity to Be able to attain!  Music Speak may become the communicative evolutionary leap.  No brain extention needed?  As One, our intellects, combined with AI, will solve the most baffling of survival questions!!  Giving this more thought: this scenario could play out in unimaginable, unthinkable, and even  unintelligible ways!!

     Groove for fun  & to Be in touch with the higher power that will evolve us!!  Be a Groove contributor, the day the epiphany hits, & your power contributed will Be  known; have you been a wothy  Groovist, to Be praised!   Groove & this may Be the praise activity spoken of that uplifts us, at the Moment of, epiphany!  

    Happiness & joy wallups misery & sadness, in the keister!!  With a world full of smiling people, knowing how essential each person's Groove is, has us all Cheering each other on, to reach entrainment.  It has become the goal of education.  We all must find our Groove; musical, athletic, or intellectual endeavors, is a way of putting our abilities into overdrive.  Billions entrained on The One Groove with miraculous intention, , will manifest all needed dreams!

Truth is what we all are consciously aware of!  Truths are never changing!  The One is a common reality, shared by all, as the truth.  Consciousness can only Be in One place at One time.  Being entrained is when a person is so focused on the task at hand, the consciousness goes on autopilot & the desired action, having been so well "rehearsed", maximizes their physical accomplishments.  Like meditation, being entrained,  allows levels of unconsciousness to "take control".

     Ten billion people Grooving as One, is the ten to the 12th power, that had been predicted as the "magic" number needed to reach the evolutionary epiphany!   We're almost there!  We need to Be grooving as a common practice at that time!!!   Local drum circles connected with The One will begin with small incidental coincidences happening more frequently.  Slowly becoming recognized as the "minor" miracles these coincidences are precursors to!  With the effects of the Coronavirus rapidly depleting the global population by the 100's of thousands, our hopes should be that it's a percentage of the population that's Grooving is all that's needed.  There's also the hope that Earth will accomodate our delayed population quantity, or Mother Nature will step in!!!

Everyone loves to create!!  We also know, music evokes strong emotions!  Each of us, creating our own song, expressing our true emotions, will nudge evolution, for us to Be a more consciouss & enlightened species!!  Our reason for Being One of ten Billion people .... We can GROOVE!!  The power of billions Being focused & entrained with One Groove around the planet will Be miraculous!

   Belief in non-material things  has always been questioned.  The healing powers of music are constantly proven!  Earth is in need of rehabilitation, as are the cultures upon it.  Demagoguery has become the norm , in one form or another, in most countries.   Morals & interactions between us, no longer have "religious beliefs" to guide our principals!  Groovism makes philanthropy, a species saving activity, obvious.  Every person upon Earth, needs to become entrained with The One, regularly.  This creates a new Mazlow's basic needs pyramid.  The most necessary of human behaviors is now being able to Groove with The One!!

  Buddha foresaw the true reality of where human potentials were evolving to; Groovism.  All are to Be with The One.  No longer a Zen esoteric colloquialism. The power of music, a proven healing instinct when globalized, will invoke the epiphany that has been foreseen by most prophets.  Becoming entrained with music, is a common human instinct. This occurs with performers & athletes, as well as many in the audience, during various productions.  Millions of people virtually entrained with One Groove, will become at least as powerful as the known excess of physically true gatherings, known as the "mob mentality"!!

    GROOVISM Education

With artificial intelligence being able to list & format various "educational moments" in human history, these lessons must now be presented with a different objective, for each event.  An honest portrayal of the social balances that existed at the time of these matters, will show how humanity has advanced in our treatment of each other, as well as our inner selves/  

  Internet should be introduced as a formal school subject, as a complex dynamic systems, that is effected by  all inputs.  Skills could be divided into three types: necessary for life, feels good to know, & only for exams.  Necessary for life, is the farthest from AI type information.  The lessons we attach to this data, needs to be as experiential as possible, in order to make the larger lesson be stated , exacerbated, & clearly listed in a proper curriculum.  

Feels good to know, is stuff that's a talent or skill... &  Only for the exams, are memory exercises.

   The major piece of  knowledge that is to Be taught, will be the ability to find each student's flow!  Whether it Be musical, athletic, compositional, or a personal find, Being creative in flow puts our brains in high gear.  Each person, aware of this power, will then Be able to entrain with The One Groove.  As a regular subject, to be taught, some research into it's developmentally appropriate introduction, should Be done?   

Groovism.org  ... The ultimate unifyer!!!  One doesn't need to Be a Buddhist to entrain, & Be with The One!!!  It is to become the purpose of education:  That each child is able to reach entrainment.  Groovism; The future of a belief system, founded on facts.  Everyone knows & believes in music.  Music is proven to Be rehabilitative. Earth needs a lot of this!!.  Invisible Groove energy can Be as private or public as One desires!  Our  promulgation, & proliferation, relies on a large percentage of us ten billion humans, to Be entrained with The One, for a sufficient amount of time.  Our purpose, made apparent through our instincts!!!  

   Music matters!!  The new extreme is unification of humanity, through the belief in music!  Already a known rehabilitative practice,  music can now be a global phenomenon.  Technology has enlightened us all to the realities that prove,  and warn us, of the perils of the planet.  This digital connection is truly the path to achieve the miracles needed to enable evolution!  The original material connection has been manifested in order to allow us, within our limited senses, to Unite & Be One!!! 

We need to unite our beliefs!!  We all have  instincts.  Musically focusing on One Groove has insured the success of most communities!  Philanthropy's new purpose is to reach the ten billion of us needed, and have us all Groove for some moments each day!!   Because it will require so many billions of us to manifest the needed miracles, the loss of any life, or a disconnected society would be unthinkable to allow!! www.groovism.org provides The One, soon to Be streaming 24/7!

Modern humanity has the pleasure of living in a time where our purpose on Earth is made obvious!! Evolution is the sole method we have to continue consciousness.

Earth is slowly becoming uninhabitable!!    Uber-conscious sapiens will have to have evolved galactically, enabling them to exist on a higher level!!?!!  This could be a non-materialistic consciousness, manifesting itself through our memories of being materialistic.  Individuality may happen only through creation of materialistic items.  Paintings, sculptures, & so forth, may then only exist digitally for visual pleasure?  Non-materialistic creation:  music, poetry, ....?  may also be enjoyed individually or socially.

   A world of unquestionable beliefs, traditions, & practices, is where we wish to  introduce our progeny.  No old man with a beard in the sky, producing children sans fornication, along with believing this entity had created us!!  As humans, we hope that our evolved selves, will have the intelligence & insights to conclude our creation!?!  In the meantime we must Groove & make our Earthbound moments as enjoyable as possible.

Time for religion to evolve!!  Spirituality is inevitable. It has evolved in  us for an evolutionary reason.  Our religious philosophies have been recently spiritually updated, based on scientifically found facts.  As these "facts" became standard information, religious beliefs have transformed to accommodate the new realities explaining our surroundings.  As these philosophies spread across the globe, evolution of the spirit, will become global.

    Simply put: entrainment with The One GROOVE will evolve the humanity!!

For The Truth to Be known, One don't need a PhD. to comprehend!!  Being a humanoid is the only requirement to contribute to our global vibe!  As Groovists we will unify humanity instinctively as Mother Nature has equipped us to do.  Our biology now accommodates where our intelligence has taken technology.  Voice boxes, to express, frontal lobes, to ponder, ten fingers for dexterity, along with countless other biologically  evolved phenomenon , has occurred.  Our intelligence has taken our technological communications to the global level,   Our instincts going global insures proliferation.  Just how humans will get proliferated may be a predetermined outcome? 

    The history of warfare is now only a subject of psychological insights regarding human successes & how these "winning" strategies can improve our present situation, even better than it now is!

Ending the entropy & encouraging inner breeding, Groovists believe in this as a benefit.  Groovists believe there should be no borders, and a culture that incorporates the multi-cultural realities, that will always exist. 

   When we end the entropy, we will no longer need to believe in our "human nature" of having "us & them"!  That prehistoric perspective of differences in people, existed with borders, skin, & culture, will non longer Be.  Borders will Be no longer.  Humans have basic needs & instincts,  by fulfilling the needs of billions, we will enable the needed manifestation  of unimaginable evolutionary miracles!


Evolutionaerily speaking:    Lightening balls come into existence after striking a metalic object.  Look at a lightening ball & imagine the design of the ball as equivalent to our universe.  Was our lightening "big bang"  set for voltage needed, materials to be struck, & myriads of other things, all at creation.  National Geographics was running these "lightening ball" experiments.  Their balls only lasted 8 seconds(?).  Fractionally speaking, we could very well be the product of such an experiment.  

   From a Groovist's perspective, to keep these "lightening balls" in existence, would simply take the cohesiveness of consciously Grooving the universe, to keep it from blinking out, as all others have.  

  Our purpose is what cinciousness has evolved to do.  Never in man's history has our purpose been more obvious!!!   Belief in a higher power is another common instinct.  The musical vibrations that tickle our ears, are a known reality, that remains unseen.  Common human traits (instincts), exist to proliferate us!!  Humanity is in dire need of proliferation; on a global level!!

   Surrendering egos & material belongings is easiest  while  Grooving!  We can all spend some moments Grooving, to bring the Earth into synchronicity with the universe.  Things released while Grooving, enlightens us to how easy it is to surrender meaningless materialistic belongings.

   The  states political powers will have no choice but to accept & promote the One.  We have the grassroots of power, within the palms of our drumming hands!!  Religion will remain, as it instinctively must!  The belief is, that our Grooving will manifest a miraculous evolution!!!

  Humanity needs a "God" to model some proper social behavior.  Claims of past visits by Gods in human form, have been numerous.  Future appearances will be instigated by humanity showing signs of unity.  What could it have been that had a global Groove influence, that could have instigated previous evolutionary miracles?  There's been signs of alien landings, found in ancient Egyptian  pyramids.  As Groovists we make no judgement as to the creation of humanity, this seems a personal choice to be made by individuals.  From extraterrestrials to newly discovered mushrooms, somehow language came into being  as a common frontal lobe communication system.

      My "passion" experienced was rehabilitation after my near death experience, which lead to founding of Groovism.  As a non-profit, Groovism expects to achieve our mission, before it's too late!  We will achieve this using the global marketing technology accessible  through You-Tube, Facebook  & all other digital media access.  As an instinct centered unification, Being with The One Groove & the known therapeutic powers of music, will prove rehabilitative to our beleaguered planet.  Daily Grooves have proven to be enlightening & stress relieving!!  As One, billions will create the grassroots of power, as never before seen proportion, unimaginable evolution  This  goes well beyond human imagination!!   

    Grooving is the only reality that is purely created by mind, and can be physically manifested,  as a consciously shareable reality.  Physical events such as tastes, emotions, or any physical thing or experience, can only be made real with a conscious observer.   The One reality which can exist regardless of observation is The One Groove.  Technology allows The One to Be a continuous 24/7 community bonding instinct.  The reality of Groove power has been expanding  in communities along with the technology, it had been partnered with.  From pounding on rocks, then logs, with sticks, then we got industrial & orchestrated.  Technically manufactured instruments, able to align frequencies numerically.   Composers selected key signatures  & orchestrations to evoke unknown (thought known?) numerical, vibration emotions.  

   The reality that all of us humanoids must grasp and initiate, is our purpose.  As one of billions, simply having any purpose seems unlikely.  Fortunately, Mother Nature has equipped the planet to support us ten billion people.  Just so happens, the  amount of humans needed, in order to activate  her seemingly miraculous abilities to hone in on the needs of any future species.  These to be created, and activated by the faith induced power of The Groove!!!

   Being conscious & somewhat intelligent,  has evolved us into technically savvy humanoids.  With our evolved skills of memory & consciousness, we have evolved to technically enable evolution.  By accepting all people, from all cultures, as our fellow man, we show "Mother Nature" that we are prepared to evolve.  Our ultimate purpose is evolution, this can only be done with our instincts & our intellect coalescing!!  "Be with The One", once an esoteric Zen phrase, is now possible!  www.groovism.org will broadcast The One Groove upon construction completion (currently posting various streamed Grooves!)   As Groovism is discovered , it will becomes the social "norm", for all to spend time with; daily.   Miracles will begin to occur.

   The God that each of us imagines Her to be, is to  be brought about in some unimaginable, miraculous way.  In true Groovism fashion, resolutions will be Grooved upon & the power of the masses will speak in some digital democratic, electoral way. 

    Consciousness is the template of all thoughts and holds the most common power.  Evolution, though seemingly random, still has specified morphing of body parts and instincts, to accommodate proliferation of each species.  As our technology has evolved to enlighten the masses, thanks to our frontal executive node, to The Oneness of all.  In order to resolve the current stagnated evolution, we can now intelligently evoke evolution, through our now globally possible Groove!   We have the need to believe in a higher power!  Music is that instinctive unseen power!  I believe Groovism is the belief system that gets it right!!  Our instinctive miraculous power of music, which has been accepted & proven as therapeutic, is now available to rehabilitate the Earth!!  Our higher beliefs enable us to reach our unity of faith (in music!!!).

     The reasons that this "higher consciousness" has created our reality are many:  Emotions each one of us is to "experience" directly  for The Higher Power(?), is one reason.  Another  includes the miraculous experiences we will each feel as we become united.   The song that'll be composed by the masses, will be experienced as universally rehabilitating,  This in addition to being the first evolutionary step, that this musical anti-entropy represents!  Belief in the power of music, will create a virtual mob mentality, coalescing  to have positive outcomes!!  Groovism is the belief system, that has bonded communities in the past, for good reason.

     Ending the entropy entices evolution!!  As  humans Groove, we begin to remove the entropy and begin a connection between us.  As we become enlightened to our similarities, we will be more like, and act as One.  Evolution will be an educational, learn as we go process, that we can only hope to have to vast majority of people Grooving!!!

Awakened state that Grooving enables:   

#1)  Free of personal suffering, 

#2) Clarity of mind,

#3) Boundless joy

#4) Inner Peace

#5) The ability to live an incredibly fulfilling life!!!


 SIX LITTLE STORIES                   

  { 1 } Once upon a time, All villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all the People gathered but only one boy came with an umbrella.

                That's FAITH

 { 2 }When you throw a baby in the air, she laughs because she knows you will catch her.

               That's TRUST

 { 3 }Every Night we go to bed, without any assurance of being alive the next morning but still we set the alarms  to wake up

              That's HOPE

 { 4 }We Plan big things for tomorrow in spite of zero knowledge of the future.             

              That's CONFIDENCE

 { 5 }We See the world suffering, and marriages breaking but still we get Married.            

                 That's LOVE.                                      

 {6} Now that you've been blessed, don't be stingy with the blessing, share this with some friends. 

                 That's CARING

     The Magic of Grooving:

                Consciousness is the common field that each of us "reports" to.  There is a thought that we could simply be "Earth Rovers" experiencing first hand the many human Earthly states.  Then reporting  back to our "creators".  Along with our reporter status, we've discovered that we are a communication system, for some evolutionary purpose.  By lowering the entropy of our community, with the internet, we can become less egocentric & loose all the fear of losing our material goods.  We are information.  The thing we do with this info is to only process it into the larger consciousness.  Belongings, relationships, & personal issues, were simply fodder for people to be encouraged to reach a state of preparation for this evolution.  People and societies one hundred years ago, were in no way prepared to see that we are all on one planet & are actually all the same, regardless of borders , skin tone, or cultural disparities.

    We are soon to learn that by sharing our talents & goods, we make our evolution that much closer to stabilizing our biological system.  Modern thinking these days is based on a much more factually based reality.  Previous knowledge had left philosophy with merely speculations, to ponder the unanswerable.  There remain many things we've found, that seem, science will never answer. This leaves "religious miracles only" type questions, of after life and evolution.  What we believe as individual egos are the entities that are born & live in the real world.  Any  gifts or advances left by individuals will survive within their society & possibly to assist with future global concerns.  

New Truths:

Artificial Intelligence will enable us to consciously create a miraculous evolutionary step.  As has been found, the evolutionary process goes through predetermined steps.  Humans have been quickly approaching the first step, global recognition of commonality.  Other biological commonalities will become prominent .  Recognition of a higher power is believed to have a biological location node to be in our brains.  This higher power, along with our instincts, will guide us to our ultimate purpose; to evolve.  Technology now has evolved as well, making it possible for all humans to Be with The One Groove!!!

   The realities that have been verified, have brought a new concept of the truths that numerology originally instigated the search for.  Truths are thought to be relegated by a numbers system, which rules our universe. These numeric truths, have lead us to the realities that the number rules allowed us to be shown and expand upon, in our accepted universal reality.  Proving these theories has explained unimaginable realities.

    The reason for religion these days is to speculate on three remaining unanswered, unsettled matters: morality, creation, & afterlife.  As for these matters, Groovism can only hope that at our enlightening Grooving moments we create, will answer such matters.  Our most important reasons for Grooving, is forward looking.  Where & what is to be evolved, should be our conscious focus.  The past is to be recalled for examples of poor human natures.  Being in control of evolution, will hopefully allow us to express ourselves in a more honest & open manner.  Society's mores should evolve as well.  Open & transparent communications will create ultimate human connections.   Completely transparent thoughts, not judged, nor not taken in as personal affronts.  Understanding each individual's situation,  makes for a more peaceful society.  Knowing that fellow humans are be to be  "sinners', and can have good and/or evil thoughts, regarding any situation, will bring us together closer than imaginable, Each of us leaving our egos far behind.  

    Faith we must have in people's intelligence be enough for all, to Be with The One!!  Technology allows, & Groovism is the belief system, to have us all united. www.groovism.org will broadcast The One Groove 24/7;  upon completion of it's construction.  Meanwhile daily Grooves can be looped on YouTube, FaceBook or our site: www.groovism.org.  When enough of us are with The One, for a long enough period of time, miracles are believed to begin occurring.  Faith in the unseen power of Grooving will create an apocalyptic epiphany!!

    As philosophy questioned most of what were once many of life's  mysteries.  We now need to focus our questions on the truly questionable.  Groovism it is hoped, will enlighten us to the true nature of the "unanswerable".  The only purpose any one person can have here on Earth, is to Be with The One!  Thanks to technology evolving, making the Earth the known One planet for all humans, our global community has come into being!   As foreseen and proven,  in order to guarantee success of communities, having musical venues, where community members can Groove, will further our communities success'.  

  Soon we will all realize the true purpose of each one of us is to Groove.  We've been evolved to make further evolution happen.  As it turns out, technology has enabled us to go about our evolution. Our inner reward systems know the direct euphoria that Grooving evokes.  Consciousness coerced into global euphoria en mass, will expand on what our beliefs as One can & will enable.  

    Foreseen as many gathered around some hand held lit device, was thought to be a candle (the common flame).  Actually, this light device was a cell phone.  All gathered are to Be with The One Groove.   Where Groovism will  lead our species to ask questions only Grooving will answer!?!

 All we need to do is "Be with The One", now becomes obvious.  The power of a  vicarious "mob", will begin to initiate needed miraculous events.  Our species may be in dire straits!!  Our brightest hope lies with the grass roots population uniting.  Fortunately technology has evolved to allow access to, and knowledge of, our global community.

    As the masses become entrained with The One, minor miracles should soon begin.  Only increasing in size & spiritual significance, as the unseen Groove energy of our planet, becomes more known & further practiced!!    We are One of an on going “lightening ball” experiment.  Lightening balls are formed when a bolt of electricity strikes a metal infused  object. With extreme technology, the labcoats (scientists) conducting this experiment, hope to keep our universe (lightening ball) from flickering out. They’ve used complete genetic codes to insure certain social milestones & technologies came into being. Us billions are here to Groove, save our species, and act with the power as One. We will soon see where evolution will take us.

We must Groove On!! 

Groovism verifies the instinct-proliferation assumption

It has becomes obvious that the Earth is in line for some dire consequences. Violence & anger have overcome most societies' empathy & understanding of others. By seeing the light of Being with The One Groove, all cultures will generate a bonding force more powerful than any formerly amassed group. With positive intentions, Grooving will become a standard societal norm that furthers the boundaries, of our inner beliefs. Church attendance has & will continue to proliferate our higher Being beliefs, by Grooving on a global level. As gatherings' minds mingle with The One globally, miraculous things, that have been foreseen, will begin to manifest!! 

Cultures in the past have all had some sort of musical gathering, perhaps even a focal point of their success!?! 

    Groovists believe in the power of music and it's known successful rehabilitative outcomes. Considering the Earth's present state, bonding humans on a higher level, is what's needed.  Being with The One will bond people, virtually, in a way that can only be equaled or bettered with local circles adding to the world's Groove energy.

   New Truths:

   The realities that have been verified, have brought new, deeper concepts of the truths, that had been numerically originally instigated. Truths were thought to be relegated by a numbers system, which rules our universe. Although true, these numeric truths would instead lead us to the truths that the number rules have allowed us to be shown & expand upon.  Proving unimaginable theories has lead to miraculous realities. 

  Quantum philosophy has made our reality a personally created "hexa-form".  To be seen as only one person can experience each individual event, because of location perspective personal feelings towards others involved.  This is the reason that life experiences are to be digitized into the emotional data, that is to assist in building digital emotional files.   

    Travelling & exploring into the heavens, has allowed space science to evolve into global communicators.  The  state of our Earth has now become a global concern.  The technology which allows our unification has also brought to light, what our environmentally unrestricted production has caused to our planet.  Not only will unifying humanity be miraculous, there's also hope for a needed environmental miracle happening,  Of course evolving to a different  universal level while finding salvation from the vicarious masses uniting.

   Grooving globally, our instincts will proliferate proudly our Godlike abilities.  Evolution through our instinctual, grass roots beliefs, in the higher power of music, will take us to a higher plain!  Internal and External Realities have proven our knowledge of the details of human traits.  Groovism is a belief system based on agreed upon accepted facts!  These include, biological instincts, sociological gathering phenomenon, as well as specific spiritual and biological brain nodes.  The simple instinct of music as therapy, has recently surged due to it's proven rehabilitative effects.  This effect, combined with masses of humans Being entrained with The One, will initiate the foreseen epiphany.  Regardless of which religion one has been initiated into believing, they all have foreseen the inevitable, instinctual unification. 

    Groovism is the coalescence of human's inner beliefs and our external realities. Each person has their own internal thoughts and images of themselves and the world in which they exist. External realities are the way in which the world we're living in, operates in similar ways for each of us. How these things are seen from within each of us is shaped by our internal realities. External realities have been researched and scientifically experimented upon, thus making them "facts" that have a similar effect.

    In our story, we're about to "once upon a time "!!  Their was this tribe of humans on this planet called Earth.  How they emerged there, was a continuous contradiction.  As the story goes, they evolved their technologies to enlighten them all, that they are identical in numerous ways.  Upon this they found the wisdom in ancient oriental beliefs of The One.  They then came  upon their opportunity to manifest The One......

    Before scientific methods existed, people believed that there were various forces (Gods?).  These "Gods" accounted for most natural occurring "miraculous"  happenings.  These, probably  included lightning, thunder, earthquakes, fire, astronomical events, & other phenomenon. These various beliefs were promoted through each culture's "grapevine" of explanations and cultural practices. Thus developing into "religious" beliefs, based on the superlative powers "witnessed" throughout nature, combined with societal constraints on explanations of reality    .

Our Purpose:

   Our existence has happened for a reason. The good  is in all of us, as well as the evil that is in each of us  This dichotomy has had us pushing our potentials in all directions. Technology has newly evolved, lead by our biologically evolved selves. Beliefs that had explained previous unknowns, were the social engine that created societies and the understandings of their doings, as to what benefits they could gain for themselves, and leave behind for society & their progeny. All imagined aspects of leaving a legacy, seem to have been deployed. The legacy of religious beliefs, has been a prominent aspect of most legacies. The existence of God has been philosophised about endlessly, by many great minds.  

   After 35 years as a musician, with varying levels of success, a near death accident enlightened me to our purpose for being, one of billions in our modern high tech world.  I had various kinds of "rehab" to assist my battered brain, back into normal functioning.  Groovism is a belief system that came to me as I was Grooving for rehab at a Venice Beach drum circle.  Groovism it turns out, is based on globally agreed upon facts!  These include; Known human instincts, sociological masses phenomenon, as well as spiritual & biological brain nodes.  The simple instinct of music as therapy, has recently surged due to it's proven rehabilitative effects.  This effect, combined with masses of humans, will initiate the foreseen epiphany & the first step of entropy.  Regardless of which religion one has been initiated into believing, all have foreseen the inevitable, instinctual unification,  

    Finding the  numbers needed to estimate the how many Groovists entrained and for how long, is a guesstimate at best.  Catholics believe in making as many babies as possible, perhaps hoped to act as missionaries for the some known cause.  As we approach ten billion, there maybe some connection with the number 12 & the foreseen epiphany. 10,000,000,000, ten billion,  with 12 zeros!  Our soon reached population count.

   Some portion of Groovists are to be "Grooving" for an allotment of time within the 24 hour global rotation. This mass of people Grooving for some mega miracle has been an event foreseen by prophets, yet interpreted in terms of their culture.  Masses gathered around some hand held lit device.  Seen as a candle was a web accessible cell phone.  The masses seen were deeply entrained by the facilitator, as well as the global power of the Groove.  

 Groovism Morals

    When it comes to ethical issues, again it comes down to achievement of the Groovism mission.   By insuring that populations are living well enough to be able to be modern enough to own, operate, & believe in The One Groove.  Without any judgement of people's values of "well being".  What one society might see as monstrous, another may see as necessary to the community.  Maintenance of human comfort & health minimums can be kept at levels to insure our ten billion populaation can be  reached to Groove.

  Our mere existence supposedly gives us a moral compass, from which we should relegate ourselves after?  This "morality" is the filter by which we judge ours, & others action.  These actions were censored & not openly allowed to even be discussed, until recently.   With the many modes of communication now available filtering known "adult"  content.

This cosmological argument introduces a mysterious entity, of which we can make very little philosophical or scientific sense. How can positing that One random spark, provide a better account of the cosmos, than simply concluding that the cosmos lacks an ultimate experience finally to be felt upon Being as entrained with The One Groove? In the end, the theist seems bound to admit that The One created at all, was a contingent matter. for evolution to have occurred. If, on the contrary, the theist has to claim that consciousness had to physically experience living. Would not the cosmos be necessary, rather than contingent? Some theists come close to concluding that it was indeed essential that God created the cosmos. If God is supremely good, there had to be some overflowing of goodness in the form of a cosmos (see Kretzmann and Stump in Morris 1987, on the ideas of Dionysius the Areopagite; see Rowe 2004 for arguments that God is not free). This overflowing of goodness, seems to be well tempered with strong doses of evil in the world. The ever popular battle between good & evil has instigated battles from the beginning of time, within and between individuals, groups, and world wide. What purpose could there be for consciousness if there were no battles, within ourselves, or our societies?

Theologically speaking … we need us all to get miraculous and save what we little sanity we all still have to attain our ultimate purpose. By everyone entrained with The One, we will fulfill the purpose for our being, which is the evolution of consciousness. We give thanks to the many, many lives that have led us to this technical ability. The amazing things our conscious can now experience, from listening to the fine motor skills of trained musicians performing inspired compositions, communication, and travel abilities. We get to live in a time where these amazing feats are lived by the people in the moments of, as well as viewed and felt, by a vicarious audience so easily via the many media channels currently available. All of this remembered physically and emotionally.

The higher power manifested by this incredible wave of billions Grooving, will draw together all humans. When this wave encompasses the planet, all people, regardless of culture and beliefs, will Groove! The classic battle between good and evil will finally come to a conclusion with people's own beliefs regarding the “correctness” of what they believe, incites good things for each person and all of mankind.

   In our search for our own creation, these battles of what is really inner discoveries, have become enlightening as to what, or who God truly is; common consciousness. We all share biological traits and instincts, that enable some common beliefs, rituals, practices, and other activities, meant to insure evolution. This evolution of humans as conscious entities, allows both the above contingency and necessary theories, leading to the same conclusion, we need our actions to be led by our instincts, more than our egos.

   Looking back at being conscious of the ego's needs for awareness of self fulfillment, both immediately and through our progeny, shows how our reality has only one purpose: Global Groove. When it becomes known that each person’s belief that a sufficient amount of humanity, entrained with The One Groove, for a long enough period of time, will cause miraculous epiphanies! Thus being enlightened to the need of each person Grooving as much as possible. As is our purpose for life.

   Purpose of the ego aggrandizing our goodness, has enabled our egotistic nature to strive for financial security, celebrity, and social impact. By setting the stage for the fulfillment of obtaining our purpose, evolution gave us the bodily tools. These included most of our higher intellect enabled memory, emotion, fine motor and communication abilities. Among these needed evolutionary necessities, it became common human biology to have the same set of instincts, the same brain nodes and the many other "human natures". With these natures fully intact, technology has slowly evolved to enable our intelligence to incorporate our instincts globally.

With the nihilistic despair science has, it is unable to answer the spiritual questions that our imagination begs us to ask. Somehow the connection between the musical and the spiritual will give us the answer, when we are wise enough to entice the Ultimate Global Groove, with millions of people.

Our Jungian "Primitive society" has evolved. By having the intelligence to see the solution to strengthening communication methods. Adding the music instinct aspect to global communications, leads to seeing the potentials of feeding populations, maintaining a clean environment, and a sustainable population, insuring the sufficient proliferation of the human species. With our combined material goods and intellects, we'll be able to resolve many of the world's woes, by creating a Powerful Groove.     


Generate excitement

Generate excitement

Generate excitement

As is true of all traits, human  spirituality provides some specific evolutionary  function.  If it didn’t somehow enhance our species’ survival, it would never have emerged with-in us.