Evolution Emergency Alert!!!

My near death experience enlighten me to our two life purposes;

Establish Evolution

Escape Extinction



Please tell us all your Groovin' story!!


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Evolution is our purpose.  Technology has evolved to  make it possible!    All we need to do is, insure entrainment with most planet inhabitants!! Remove the borders, merge the cultures, and  the multicultural whole, will prove greater than the sum of it's parts




Groovism is about ten billion of us,  who have filled up the Earth. Each one of us is here for a Grooving reason!!  Consciousness came as a gift along with our intelligence.  

  The power of  music,  a universal, proliferating instinct, is a therapeutic practice, that will save us from certain Earth bound demise!  This Groove energy, unseen yet well felt, is to Be globally manifested! 

Grooving is through-out!  From individual to galactic flow!,

Groovism is our belief



  We'll soon have an  amazing team of certified global drum circle  facilitators, (Groovemeisters) who will be  committed to using their talents to help others reach  their musically enhanced, instinctively entrained, potentials. We take our convictions and turn them into Grooving unification.  

    By knowing how to maintain an exciting Groove, our Groovemeisters will grab the attention of local Groovists.  As the  technical interface with The One, they'll be able to enhance everyone's Grooving experience!  With modern technology , working at it's height of purpose. a large screen, showing the streaming  of our community's drum circles.  Also having the hardware to stream their circles will be another Groovemeister task.  Groovemeisters around the world  are what's needed to make The One Groove twenty-four/seven more easily possible.  

Our Story


  In the summer of 1995, I suffered in a bicycle accident.  It was more than luck to have survived.  Two weeks after my youngest son's birth, was my accident.   Soon after he got released from intensive care,  I decided then, to return to my regular bike routine.  A friend would stop by, in the early morning,  We'd chose between a street ride or mountain biking.

    Imagine my surprise when I awoke, strapped in a wheelchair,  wondering why.  Soon I find out that five weeks earlier I  had been in a bicycle accident and had acquired a major head injury.  

    While riding on the streets,  I'd ridden over some loose gravel on a twisting downhill road & laid down my bike.  There was of course, a truck coming up the hill that ran over my head!

   Despite a grim medical prognosis, I'm  gratefully functioning at a high level.

    Along with losing all sense of smell & taste, I had somehow become a different person!  I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was about me, but I had surely felt as though I'd lost my "cool"!  Because of this, my marriage to my youngest son's mother; fell apart. 

 At this point in my life,  many things seemed to be on a continual downward spiral.  In my search for something, anything, that could help bring my  life into order,  I went to the Venice Beach drum circle.  (Did I mention I've been playing drums since I was 8 years old?)  My doctor told me he felt that I had recovered well, due to my drumming history.   The independence needed between limbs built stronger connections in my brain. 

   Grooving with the hundreds of people on Venice Beach, had a powerful therapeutic effect.   An effect it had unlike any I had previously been prescribed.  I began attending as often as I could..   I found that this was not always possible,  Life had taken me on many an adventure, however; nowhere have I found a drum circle on any given day or night.   It was here that it became clear what the prophecies had been trying to get us to comprehend,  Humanity uniting to create The One Song.    Creating The One pulse, for all people to Groove with, here on our Earth.  This is what I feel I've survived to create!!

Our Mission


Groovism focuses on making the maximum positive therapeutic Groove effect for all, within and beyond our global community.  We  expect to assist all people, in finding inner peace, community togetherness, & global unity.   

     Believing that our purpose here is to evolve, we now have the means & potential to instigate the next evolutionary step,   Being a nonprofit, provides us with the momentum we need to help affect the needed change.   The call of music draws every person to surrender themselves to The One Groove!

   Technology has now evolved to allow for global knowledge:  We are all One Species, on One planet with One  purpose now known: to Evolve!!  It is believed that ending the first level if entropy, is what it will take;  disregard for borders & all man made differences.  Along with a sufficient amount of people, entrained with The One, for a sufficient amount of time.  Achieve this & Mother Nature will recognize our common LOVE of music, and again  evoke a miraculous evolution!!!  

Gather Our Globe as One

Your generous donations will enable us to meet our goal of Grooving the globe  Our mission obtained; through streaming hardware, wifi, transportation & marketing, will prove miraculous  Also, the cost of becoming parental in the eyes of the IRS ($500-600?) will allow subsidiaries to become Non-profit Groovemeisters, around the world!!

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