The Gateway to Gathering Globally

Harnessing the Power of Music in Finding Peace and Unity

The Gateway to Gathering Globally

Harnessing the Power of Music in Finding Peace and Unity

Technology Enables

The evolution of technology has made the fact that we're all on one planet, common knowledge. What we can now do with this knowledge is up to us humans!! I say we're here to evolve. This evolution will happen as the obvious needs become apparent.

I believe our communication abilities will again be the evolutionary focus, since we now have the genetic ability to choose a genetic tendency. As the sole voice of Groovism (others are welcome), I say we find the chromosome that gives us perfect pitch. This will allow for the international language of music to be more clearly understood, developed, and formalized. Perhaps a new brain node could be developed and surgically implanted? I'm speculating well beyond anywhere near where we presently are, but I say these matters will hopefully be discussed and technically decided upon in some mass deductible way. It's been shown that the masses best come to logical, mathematical, or moral decisions.


Groove To Improve Your Life and Mental Health

There are more than seven billion people on Earth with a purpose and intelligent consciousness. Each one yearns to find inner peace and live up to their reason for being. At Groovism, we aim to guide you in discovering and loving yourself.

We are approaching 10 billion people, upon reach 10 to the 12th power we will have sufficient groove energy to proliferate.

See Our Unique Approach for Yourself

We love to help change people’s lives. That is why we share our music therapy-based life grooving passion through our video materials. Groove with us and everyone else watching today.

Finding our reason for being and our inner voice will be evolutionary.

About Our Groove Movement

The art of music and dance is a healing language, that everyone on Earth can understand. Our therapy-based life grooving approach harnesses the power of song and movement to help people find inner peace individually and unify themselves globally.

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We’d Love To Hear From You

For more details about us, our movement, and our music therapy-based life grooving services, feel free to get in touch with us today. It would be our pleasure to address your questions about us and what we do. We look forward to hearing from you soon.